E. Gale Buck
Piper, Storyteller, Author

As a piper Gale Buck played with NCSU Pipes & Drums, then started a pipe band for local Boy Scouts, The Occonneechee Highlanders. On numerous occaisions he shared his music and legends of The Great Highland Bagpipes at local schools. His pipes also brought smiles to weddings and contentment to funerals.

But Gale has a knack for tales - preparing short stories for his bride and children for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Christmas. This collection grew to over 200 titles, one following his daughters for thirteen years, chapter by chapter, year by year. Then, Gale stumbled into an uncommon opportunity and was recruited as Santa's Woodsman, the thirteenth in a line of men and women who serve the requests of Saint Nicholas. He quickly turned his pen to stories explaining the Magic of Christmas and the adventures of previous Woodsmen. While sharing stories from The Magic of Christmas after dinner, Santa labeled him as a "Storyteller." Awakened to his old calling he realized that he had been a storyteller in cultural arts programs, telling about "The Beast of the Highlands" and other legends about the Great Highland Bagpipes.

The collection of over 200 short stories continues to grow, and Gale has published three books about Santa's Woodsmen and The Magic of Christmas. He is currently working on "A Quiet Service - the lineage of santa's woodsmen", "Vrenessbith" a fictional history of settling the Scottish Highlands (complete with fierce battles, faeries, and hags of horrid character) and most recently "Treasured Adversaries" which chronicles the life entanglements of a wizard and dragon born on the same day.

Storytelling has become a passion. Gale now studies with several storytelling groups and won the 2014 Bold-Faced Liars' Showdown at the Storytelling and Arts Center of the Southeast, then followed it up with the South Carolina Liars' Championship in 2015. When not sharing tall tales, Gale offers original stories from the familiar campfire settings to those that tug at the hearts of lovers, and he still shares the True Magic of Christmas at every opportunity. Gale is co-founder of Village Storytellers in Raleigh, NC and creator of Raleigh's Front Porch Stories.

Few folks would call Gale's life fascinating or even a remarkable success, but spend a few minutes with this unique individual and you will appreciate just how special life is and how much magic surrounds us every day. Imagine the smiles filling your luncheon, group, or church hall as Gale weaves tales about life, faeries, Christmas, or maybe even sliding on rainbows. Stories can carry a tremendous message, softly, subtly and straight to the heart.

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