Vrenessbith ... the story of a wee faerie born to protect the Highlands before Scotland was born. She learned to work with men and women making this land their own, instructing them in life and how to preserve the hills. When these same men and women are drawn into a war they were told they could not win, Vrenessbith fought by their side for four generations and ultimate victory.

But Vrenessbith is not just a story of fantasy! It is a story of passion, romance, struggles to survive, small victories, big defeats ... Vrenessbith is a story of life filled with smiles, laughter, tears, heartache, and love. Love of men and women. Love for a home. And Passion for Life.

E. Gale Buck began working on this saga while in physical therapy for a frozen shoulder. Playing the Great Highland Bagpipes for years and diabetes took an uncommon turn, creation of scar tissue deep within his left shoulder - the arm that holds and squeezes the bag. This therapy was often painful and to escape the pain he journeyed to the mystical Highlands where he met a wondrous faerie struggling to save her beautiful mountains. Copies of this story were given to family under the title "The Highlanders' Way," but with therapy completed the story was laid to rest. Years later, Gale was asked to join a writers' group and the story was re-awakened. The story grew for six years, becoming "Vrenessbith" and has since undergone multiple transformations as willing readers reviewed the story.

Looking for an agent to help with publication of "Vrenessbith - Awakening," Gale grew weary but never gave up. He founded Speurach Press, an imprint of The Silver Wreath (who publishes Gale's Christmas books). Vrenessbith - Awakening will be available for purchase on June 28, 2018 or may be preordered through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. eBooks will be available by this date as well.

As a verbal storyteller Gale has shared a few of the stories from Vrenessbith with appreciative audiences. You may get a sampling of this saga in these stories - below. If you would like more information about Vrenessbith or Gale Buck, drop me an email using the link below.

If you journeyed with Sam and Frodo in Lord of the Rings or soared through the skies with Eragon or studied the magical arts with Harry Potter you will thrill to the adventures of Vrenessbith.

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